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Pipeline Networks

We supply high purity nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and argon for customers requiring large volumes of gases through pipeline or on-site generation plants.

Air Liquide Philippines pioneered the pipeline supply solution in the Philippines. It has pipeline networks in several Industrial PEZA parks such as Gateway Business Park, First Philippines Industrial Park, Lima Technology Center, Laguna Technopark Inc. and NCTO providing a reliable gas supply mainly for the electronic companies that are located in these Economic Zones. To support the pipelines, large storage facilities and on-site gas generators have been invested and are today in operation for the satisfaction of our customers.

For large volume industrial gas users, and a group of customers concentrated in industrial zones, Air Liquide supplies industrial gases by pipelines for a large-scale use of O2, N2 or H2. Our offer ensures the highest reliability of supply, and helps customers focusing on their core business by saving their resources greatly. Monitoring is by means of a metering station installed at individual customers' sites. Continuous review is being made to ensure that the gases conform strictly to specifications and are also supplied within safety limits. Reliability on continuous supply is assured with multiple layers of backup systems such as liquid storage tanks and standby plants. In case of a stoppage in the pipeline system, supplies will automatically switch over to the liquid gas backup source.